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Wonderful Meditation for Chakra Balancing! Experience Chakra Activation and Healing as you focus on each energy centre in turn and connect with the Universal flow through your energy field.

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This enlivening Meditation leads you on a balancing and re-energising journey through the main energy centres of your body, as you are guided in visualisation to activate and align each of your chakras.

Experience the power of your inner being as you listen to this powerful recording, which will enable full chakra balancing and create a feeling of balance and smoothness throughout your life.

Duration: 29:38 (plus 2:15 minutes introduction)


… a connection in the deepest part of the universe, the energy stream is flowing towards you, moving closer, a bright stream of energy coming in to connect with you, to re-energise your chakras. Seven beautiful energy centres, existing within you: your Base Chakra, Your Sacral Chakra, your Solar Plexus, your Heart Chakra, your Throat Chakra, your Third eye and your Crown Chakra, all moving into alignment. As the energy of the Universe streams a silvery white light, coming down through the earth, connecting with you and energising these centres; a white, energetic Universal light…

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“When Your Energy vibrates at a frequency that is in direct alignment with what the universe has been attempting to deliver your entire life, you begin to live in the flow and true miracles start to happen.”
Panache Desai

Music by Thaddeus,