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Meditation Experiences

24 March

What Does Meditation Mean to You? At Free Meditations we recognise that there are many different methods of Meditation and that everyone’s experience of Meditation is different. Learning to meditate and developing a consistent practice takes time and persistence – often new Meditators come across unexpected experiences or questions as they deepen their practice (or […]

Zazen Meditation

15 March

Zazen Meditation at a Glance ‘Zazen’ literally means ‘seated Meditation’ and it is said to be at the heart of Zen Practice – ‘Zen’ being the ‘Meditation School’ of Buddhism. In the modern Zen tradition, Zazen is often referred to as ‘just sitting’. In rms of Meditation, Zazen is classed as an extremely simple practice… […]

Family Meditation

14 March

Make Meditation a family Affair! When was the last time you sat in the same room as your family, whoever that consists of, in complete silence, without any distraction going on… without a television on, without any electronic games being played, without any mobile phones bleeping, without your landline telephone ringing, without a radio on, […]

Vipassana at a Glance!

05 February

Vipassana at a Glance Vipassana Meditation is one of the oldest Meditation techniques known. It is commonly practised by Buddhists yet is non-sectarian. The word ‘Vipassana’ comes from Sanskrit, with an interpretation close to our understanding of ‘non-judgemental observation’. As opposed to a ‘concentration’ Meditation technique, in which a you focus the mind on a […]

5 Minutes of Silence…

05 February

How 5 Minutes of Silence Could Save Your Relationship! Simon Rowe (Spiritual Counsellor and Meditation Tutor) describes how you can powerfully enhance (and even ‘save’) your relationship with just 5 minutes change a day! There are times in our lives when we just want to witness what we have.  Take any relationship… it has its […]

Review for Discount!

05 January

As part of our aims to share the benefits of Meditation as widely as possible around the world, we are keen to gather feedback on each of the Guided Meditations we publish! As a valued member of our Free Meditations community, if you are willing to write a review for any of our Meditations (free […]