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Unconditional Love

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A powerful Guided Visualisation on Unconditional Love! Explore who and what you are, experience the depths of your being and begin to manifest your life through Unconditional Love!

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This uplifting Guided Meditation gently encourages you to experience the very heart of existence, letting go of the attachments and distractions of daily life, effortlessly reconnecting with the Unconditional Love from the Source of all that is.

Feel Unconditional Love flowing through your body, lifting your energy and giving you strength and power to come back into the world radiating the Unconditional Love of your soul.

Duration: 21:01 (plus 2:15 minutes introduction)


… Feel warm, soft, caressing energy in your heart, tingling, giving life, giving animation to your light body. Feel the shimmering pulsations flowing over you, and begin to manifest an image or a sound or a thought, that reflects your unconditional love. Take that symbol, statement, thought or image and place it in your heart, keep it there safe… Within your heart is centred and secured -unconditional love for yourself, for those that are around you, for the planet that supports and guides you and that you are not separate from….

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” You ARE the vibrational frequency of love!
Look at the world through your ‘true’ eyes!”

Music by Thaddeus,