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Uplifting Guided Meditation to strengthen your place and connection within the communities you are a part of – family, friends and Humanity as a whole.

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This uplifting Meditation guides you into a beautiful place of stillness and silence, from where you re-establish and strengthen your connection with your friends and family and your connection and place within the community of Humanity as a whole.

Duration: 36:42 (plus 2:15 minutes introduction)


Begin to understand the simplicity of the nature of the relationship that you, as a single being, have with your wider family. Perhaps it has been tough-going, perhaps it has been easy-going, but at this present moment, as you are, relaxed, calm, there is no pain, there is no suffering, there is just you in the world, experiencing the nature of the family that you have been brought up through. Allow yourself to simply see your family for what they are. Allow yourself to accept them as individuals, for what they are. Also allow yourself to accept them as your family. Sense their energy…

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“Alone we are like one drop; united we are like an ocean.”


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