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Relief from Huntington’s Disease – Powerful Healing Guided Visualisation from Free Meditations

Relief from Huntington’s Disease

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Experience the Deep Stillness of Your Very Being and enjoy a reactivation of your body’s inner self-healing through this beautiful and gentle Guided Meditation.

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Experience a beautiful and powerful relaxation and inner journey of stillness and peace through this healing treatment Meditation for those diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease.

Enjoy a calming process of settling the mind and body as you are guided to reconnect with the Stillness in the depths of your being and activate the body’s innate self-healing mechanism to support and enhance the quality and experience of your life.

For the best effect, please use headphones. It is recommended that you listen to this Meditation on a daily basis. Ideally, set aside 45 minutes in a peaceful and comfortable place where you will not be interrupted.

*Please note that no claims are made regarding the curative nature of this Guided Meditation. This is no substitute for ongoing personal healthcare. This recording is offered as an adjunct to assist and support those with their individual healing journey.

For more information on accessing support for Huntington’s Disease, please visit: The Huntington’s Disease Association.

Duration: 38:56 (plus 1:40 minutes introduction)


Now that you are relaxed, now that you are being held within the still physical body, we are going to go on a journey back to your childhood. What we are going to do, is bring to you, in this present moment, a place from your childhood, where you were able to observe all that was going on around you, without being noticed. Where you were able to see people, experiences, events occurring, but that you were not part of… but that you were also able to have a real sense of what was happening. Bring an event or an experience into your consciousness, where, as a young child, you were the Observer. You may have been hiding – perhaps in a tree, perhaps behind a sofa, perhaps under the kitchen table, but you could not be seen, but you could see. You could hear everything that was going on. Instead of going through the experience, go within yourself as that child, go within and understand the stillness and yet the alertness that was present in your physical body as you looked out, as you witnessed the experience of the world…

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“Of one thing I am certain, the body is not the measure of healing, peace is the measure.”
Phyllis McGinley

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