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Gift of Love CD


Give and Receive the Gift of Love! Beautiful CD Album of Guided Meditations to bring about a more wonderful experience of Love into the life of the listener!

Product Description

This deep Gift of Love CD provides two beautiful Guided Meditations (also available individually):

Understand the optimal way to benefit from the Guided Meditations on this CD.
Duration: 2:15 minutes

Unconditional Love
Feel Unconditional Love flowing through your body, lifting your energy and giving you strength and power to come back into the world radiating the Unconditional Love of your soul.
A powerful Guided Visualisation on Unconditional Love! Explore who and what you are, experience the depths of your being and begin to manifest your life through Unconditional Love.
Duration: 21:01 minutes

Creating Harmonious Relationships
A Beautiful Meditation which explores the basis of harmonious relationships and guides you to understand how to create more harmonious relationships in all aspects of your life! Move forward with consciousness and Love to manifest relationships in you life based on Trust and Peace – bringing more Joy and Happiness into your world!
Duration: 23:34 minutes

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“You are the resonating frequency of Love.
Recognition of what you are, attracts the Love that you desire.”
Simon Rowe

Music by Thaddeus –