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Gift of Connection CD


Give and Receive the Gift of Connection! Beautiful CD Album of Guided Meditations to bring about a deeper experience of connection in the life of the listener!

Product Description

This deep Gift of Connection CD provides two beautiful Guided Meditations (also available individually):

Understand the optimal way to benefit from the Guided Meditations on this CD.
Duration: 2:15 minutes

Developing Your Intuition
Meet your Higher Self, Reconnect with your Intuitive Voice, your Inner Knowing – and bring into your daily life, the personal power, deep joy and endless possibilities that this special connection provides.
Duration: 20:15 minutes

The Truth of You
This beautiful Meditation gently guides you into a wonderful state of relaxation and awareness, exploring the truth of your essence – the power within and the peace and love that exist at your core. Experience deep knowing and tranquillity as you listen to this comforting audio, soothing your soul as you unwind into the Truth of You
Duration: 24:37 minutes

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“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.”
Carl Gustav Jung

Music by Thaddeus –